Monday, July 14, 2008

SYW 15mm Closeups

I received some requests for closeups of the SYW figs from the below battle report and I finally got a few taken this week. I had some major trouble trying to take closeups so they aren't quite as clear as I was hoping for but hopefully they will suffice.

We'll start out with the Prussians and get to the Austrians further down the page. I generally use either 24 or 30 man battalions with a single battalion gun where appropriate. My figure scale is about 1:25. My figures are based so that I can use them for AOR if I need to, although I'm currently playing my own as yet untitled ruleset.

My latest 2 projects for 15mm SYW involve getting plenty of battalion 4 lb guns painted up for the Prussians and Austrians and also painting up Von Kleist's Freikorps. After that I have a ton of painted Russians I need to rebase.

The Prussians!

The Austrians!

That's about all for this post. I'll get some more stuff up in the near future.

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