Sunday, February 8, 2009

28mm 13th Warrior Project

A while ago I decided to put together a 13th warrior game focusing on the nighttime battle for the village. I went for a combination of the fight in the book "Eaters of the Dead" and from the movie. For the Vendol I used a combination of Mark Coppestone's cavemen and the Bear & Wolf clad Berzerkers from Foundry.

The Northmen were pretty easy I just used Vikings from Foundry. For Fadlan I combined GW mounted saracen torso with foundry viking legs. The villagers are a combination of Gripping Beast, Black Tree, and Dwarf Wars figures.
For rules I used a very slightly modified version of GW's LOTR system. It works great for medieval skirmish and gave an excellent feel to the game. I've run the scenario at a few conventions and it has been really well balanced.

The following pictures show several views of these figs.
The Thirteen

The Villagers

I wanted the Vendol to look dirty and filth encrusted like they did in the movies. I achieved this by using a mixture of black, brown, grey, and red as the base color for the flesh. I then drybrushed a flesh tone over this. After all of the other details were painted I then used a pretty heavy Brown ink wash and drybrushed again. I liked the finished product. They really look like they just crawled out of a cave somewhere.

The Vendol

You can see more pics of my 13th warrior figs as well as other projects on my Flickr page at

I'll try to get some pics of my village and terrain for this game taken soon.


Eduardo said...



What rules system did you use?

Do you have pictures of the village and / or actual pictures of the game?

You could post them at the LEAD ADVENTURE FORUM!

Keep doing that great job!

Dalauppror said...

Stunning project Jeff!!!

Mys say you made realy greate choises for all minis.

Would have loved to see a AAR of one of your games.

Best regeards Michael

Dan said...

Very nice.