Friday, January 17, 2014

15mm Basing Method (Vikings and Normans)

I thought I would post about the way that I base my ancients, including my Vikings and Saxons. I generally base all infantry on 40mm x 20mm bases with either 2,3, or 4 figures per base. This way I can use them for any rules that use WRG basing standards. However, I also like to use other rules like Impetus and Hail Ceasar which benefit from larger bases. To allow for this I make magnetic movement stands that can fit 4 of my metal stands. This gives me a base that is 80mm x 40mm for infantry.

The magnetic bases are made using a layer of sheet magnet, a layer of plastic card, and then a layer of rubber steel sheet. I buy these from a magnet wholesaler in large rolls. If you use the 60ml sheeting you can pick up the whole base by a figure and it will support the entire weight of the combined base. I put the magnetic steel on the bottom so I can store them with figures attached in my already magnetized boxes.

Here you can see a magnetic base with 4 of the metal bases on it.


With the bases spreadout:


I then base my leaders on 2 separate but matching stands per leader. 1st a 40mm x 20mm rectangular metal base and the 2nd pn a round washer. I use LBMS flags to signify the leaders as well as painting the 2 stands to match.


Here is a unit of Huscarls with their detached leader.


When the leader wants to attach to a unit I then remove one of the 4 stands and replace it with the 40mm x 20mm stand. as you see below. With this method I can also show a leader attached and leading from the front, or attached and driving troops forward from the rear. Its a little more work to do the extra stands but I like the look.



I'll be posting some pics of all of the Vikings and Saxons I have done in the next few days.

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