Tuesday, April 29, 2008

15mm Zulu & Brit Pics

By request I have taken some closeup photos of my 15mm figs from the Isandlawana game in the previous post. Let me know what you think.

British Officers and a Supply Sergeant

Overrun 7lb Gun

Non-Overrun 7Lb Gun

Limbered Artillery

Limbered and deployed Rocket Battery

Natal Native Contingent

Natal Native Pioneers

British Line

Natal Native Horse

Various Volunteer Horse

Zulu Commander

More Zulus

Even More Zulus

British Camp Stand


Craig Woodfield said...

Love your arena!

can you drop me a line?

Craig Woodfield said...

Love your arena!

Can you drop me a line
craigjwoodfield AT iinet.net.au

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice set of mini's.


Fjodin said...

Olease tell me who produce these?

el frances said...
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el frances said...

Great project !
What are this figures ? Essex ? Old Glory ?

Latch said...

Are these essex figs!?

Leidang said...

Most of the figs are Old Glory. There are some Essex mixed in with the Zulus and the british line are Essex. The Zulu command are gladiator. The rocket battery mule and the natal pioneers are conversions.

Paul O'G said...

Very, very nice! Have you used them in action much since?