Saturday, January 18, 2014

15mm Saxon Army

Here are some pictures of the 15mm Saxon army that I have been working on for a while now. Some of these were purchased already painted and some were painted by me but almost all of them have had some touch up work done to them (Rebased, Inked, Shields re-painted).

First is an overall shot of my Saxons


You can see the household troops in the front with the Thegns and Fyrd to the rear.

The round bases represent the leaders and have been picked out with LBMS flags.

Here is a closer picture of some of the household troops.


The front three untis each with 16 figures represent the well armed and armoured household troops. The stands behind these are the Thegns (12 per unit) they represent the less armored and less well trained warriors. Better than the fyrd but armed with weapon, shield, and helmet.

Below are my 10 units of Thegns.


Here are the Fyrd (Mostly peasants with a variety of implements as weapons) with no armor. Their leader is a Priest who is proudly standing in front of his charges. They are 12 figures per unit like the Thegns.


Next is the Bishop with his personal guard of household troops.



And finally here are some closeups of my command stands. See the previous blog post for an explanation of why I have matching rectangular and round bases.





That's all of my Saxons for now. Although I am still painting more.

Next up the Vikings!


Dalauppror said...

Indeed a very impressive sight !!!

Looking forward to the vikings:)

Best regards Michael

Unknown said...

HMM I almost wish I had opted for 15mm now there is just ba tad more detail than on 10 and certainly more figures available.
Nice work and some nice touches of detail and grouping.